Trajectory Project

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Description: The Trajectories project is an art-based cultural mediation initiative that consists of co-creating and bringing together life’s journeys and learnings. During this final event, which closes out a series of 4 workshops conducted by ten culturally diverse Quebec women, participants will be invited to collaborate in a weaving activity that will allow them to discuss their respective realities. Through this reflective process, the subtleties of culture, relationships, inclusivity and anti-racism will be explored. Thus, in addition to discovering an art form and creating a collective artwork, everyone will have the opportunity to discuss the avenues that lead to a just and egalitarian society. People of all ages are invited to come co-create, celebrate and share with these ten remarkable women. During the activity, you will learn to weave, discover the themes covered in the 4 previous workshops, participate in an enriching dialogue, and take part in a mix of art and intercultural rapprochement: a unique, peaceful and inclusive opportunity to deconstruct prejudices!

Information: or 514-759-0663

The event is finished.


Sep 28 2022


10h00 - 14h00


Loisirs communautaires Saint-Michel, 7501 Rue François-Perrault, Montréal
Salle 202 de la Maison du citoyen

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Femmes Relais
Femmes Relais

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