The Peace Network for Social Harmony thanks
all of the financial partners of the 2021 edition

Lead partner

Major partners



Janice & Mark Sherman Family Foundation

Gluskin Sheff 

David Forest 

John Graham 

Fondation Newton

Divco Foundation

Alan Klinkhoff

Guy Bentley

Charles Kaufmann

Alain Tascan 

Outreach Partner

The success of the Days of Peace is based on the involvement of its many implementing partners and the quality and diversity of the activities they implement. From 2015 to today, more than 60 organizations have been part of a festive, innovative, diversified and unique annual program!

Organizations that wish to become partners by offering activities as part of our programming should be cultural centers, community organizations, educational centers, etc. working in the areas of peace, non-violence, living together, diversity and inclusion.

Our different implementation
partners since 2015