United and Committed to Peace

This year, words like “peace,” “commitment” and “unity” take on an even more profound meaning. Now more than ever, it is important to nurture peace through acts of kindness towards friends, family, co-workers and even strangers. These acts make it possible to build healthy communities bound in social harmony. Each of us has an important role to play in building and maintaining the peace that adds so greatly to our quality of life. Peace Days is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on peace and illuminate our city through the many activities offered by our partners. The 2020 edition will encourage us to move forward “united and committed” for a common goal based in our shared humanity.


Ambassadors 2020

Television host and sports commentator Kevin Raphael, documentary filmmaker, journalist and civil and human rights activist Will Prosper and illustrator Catherine D’Amours join this year’s team of ambassadors, which also includes author and host Kim Thúy, as well as Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman, co-creators of the YidLife Crisis web series.


Collaboration avec Peace Days Winnipeg

This year, the Peace Network met with Peace Days Winnipeg to discuss our respective initiatives. Recognizing a common vision and objectives, we decided to share certain activities within each city’s programming.

Peace Days

In 1981, the United Nations declared September 21st to be the International Day of Peace. The day provides an opportunity to highlight and encourage the development of projects and initiatives aimed at creating a kinder, more peaceful and more harmonious society.

Since 2015, the Peace Network for Social Harmony has had the pleasure of coordinating Montreal’s Peace Days celebration, including events on the International Day of Peace itself (Sept 21). We feel privileged to work with so many wonderful partners in this initiative, including those from the community, cultural, educational, and philanthropic sectors. These partners organize an array of activities each year that enable Montrealers to contemplate and take concrete action for peace.

The Peace Network assembles these activities under the banner of Peace Days; it is a special moment on the calendar to highlight the peace builders of our city and their tremendous initiatives.

We encourage you to become involved – organize your Peace Days activity and register it with our platform!

Annual themes

United and Committed to Peace !

Celebrate Difference and Unite for Peace

The Right to Peace

My Commitment to Peace

Celebrating Peace and Diversity

Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All

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