Peace Days

An initiative of the Peace Network for Social Harmony

The Peace Days initiative takes place every year from the September 21st International Day of Peace to the October 2nd International Day of Non-Violence.

Since 2015, the Peace Network for Social Harmony has been conceptualizing and organizing Peace Days in the Montreal region. We gather the efforts of a variety of community, cultural, educational, philanthropic and other partners to offer programming that encourages everyone to take concrete action for peace.

Each year, our partners offer a program for all audiences: roundtables, webinars, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and interfaith, artistic and family activities. The majority of these activities take place across the city and are free of charge. Organizations and businesses are also encouraged to host or organize an activity.

Peace Days create wonderful opportunities for community connections, exchanges, education and awareness raising.

Working Together for an Inclusive Society

Peace Days, 10th edition

At the Peace Network for Social Harmony, we define peace as the presence of healthy relationships based on trust, respect, understanding, equity and reciprocity. We are convinced that peace does not just happen randomly, nor does it happen by itself. 

“Peace can never be taken for granted. Like a human being, it needs to be nourished every day if we are to keep it alive and healthy.”
Kim Thúy, Peace Days Honorary Ambassador

Building a peaceful society is the result of mobilizing the individuals who form that society. Each of our individual and collective actions has a direct impact on our social fabric and our shared living environments. 

As part of Peace Days 2024, we encourage you to take concrete action so that all people are treated with equal dignity and can benefit from the same rights and opportunities. Let’s build peace together!


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