Our 2022 Ambassadors

Starting in 2019, Peace Days has been represented by Ambassadors who convey the initiative’s message of peace and who help to promote Peace Days programming.

We feel so very pleased and tremendously honoured to be able to count on this united and committed team that is actively promoting Peace Days 2022! We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Kim Thúy and Brian Bronfman for standing by our side to promote peace-in-action!


“Peace can never be taken for granted. Like a human being, it needs to be nourished every day if we are to keep it alive and healthy. Like a birthday, we celebrate peace once a year in order to highlight it, to give thanks for the radiance it provides us, and to remember that it is our source of light. Let us be many to make it grow, to preserve it, to make it shine.”

— Kim Thúy

See Kim Thúy’s recent radio interview on Rouge FM.

I’m thrilled to be returning in 2022 as an Ambassador for Peace Days, a cornerstone initiative of the Peace Network for Social Harmony. The theme for this 8th edition of Peace Days – “Take action for equality: End racism, build peace” – is particularly inspiring! Each of us needs to actively participate in the creation of a more equitable, just and inclusive society, one that provides each individual with the many benefits of a life lived in peace, harmony and equality. Racism, discrimination and division are blights on our society; their elimination is a fundamental condition for living together in peace. Being an Ambassador allows me to help the Peace Network and its many partners to spread their message and to find people – like you! – who share these values and are willing to create positive change for a better society. Why not start with a Peace Days activity? After all, it’s on us to take action, end racism and build a lasting peace!

— Brian Bronfman


Ambassadors of Previous Editions

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