Our 2020 Ambassadors

“Peace Days are an occasion to stop collectively, exchange, listen and learn. When the opportunity to become an ambassador presented itself, I accepted without hesitation, my goal being to be an agent of change. Our world is fractured by disputes, inequalities and injustices, which, on a global or local scale, govern our daily lives. That is why it is important to take a step back on these special days, and it is an honour for me to be a Peace Days ambassador.”

— Kevin Raphael

“It is our pleasure and our honour to be selected as ambassadors of Peace Days for the second straight year—guess we did something right last time (we think it had to do with babka). To misquote a classic Jewish question: ‘Why is this year different from all other years?’ As we say in Yiddish, ‘Oy.’ 2020 has flipped the world on its axis. Despite the perfect storm of unique adversities of this time and all the ‘novel’ elements we must take into account as a society, you might argue that—despite our physical limitations there has never been a greater time to unite and find commonality between us all. This year, Peace Days will adapt, as we have all had to, even further into the digital realm. But while the programming is, for some parts, virtual, the content is the real deal: thought-provoking and inspiring. Stay well (but six feet away from us, s’il vous plaît).”

— YidLife Crisis

“Peace can never be taken for granted. Like a human being, it needs to be nourished every day if we are to keep it alive and healthy. Like a birthday, we celebrate peace once a year in order to highlight it, to give thanks for the radiance it provides us, and to remember that it is our source of light. Let us be many to make it grow, to preserve it, to make it shine.”

— Kim Thúy

See Kim Thúy’s recent radio interview on Rouge FM.

“Our solidarity commitment to the struggles of the oppressed is the only way to alleviate the suffering inflicted on others. We sometimes feel a privileged sense of peace, a sense that we cannot fully attain as long as we ignore the suffering and oppression that others endure. The long and thorny road to the quest for human harmony can only be travelled by being committed to solidarity against the suffering of others. Without this quest for justice, there is no peace. My commitment to Peace Days is a way of asserting once again that achieving peace requires awareness, reflection and concrete action.”

— Will Prosper

“More than ever, solidarity between all societies is necessary. More than ever, as artists, we should commit ourselves to anchoring our approaches in current events. More than ever, I believe that we should all participate in this dialogue of peace and universal love.”

— Catherine D’Amours

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