The Filipino Warrior’s Path of Empowerment

Open to all/English/Registration required

Through the integration of FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) techniques and the expert guidance of our seasoned trainers, participants will develop a deep understanding of how self-regulation techniques can be applied practically in real-life scenarios. We will also explore the principles of the Polyvagal theory, which shed light on our physiological response to stress and perceived threats. Learn how to harness the power of your autonomic nervous system to promote safety, connection, and resilience. Gain the confidence to face challenges head-on, while maintaining clarity, presence, and control.

The workshop will be Facilitated by Master JB Ramos of Combat Science – Warrior Arts of Asia, and Poy de Lara a Certified Forward-Facing ® Coach and Consultant, (UDRiVe Group of Coaches).

Join us for a dynamic and transformative workshop that combines the essence of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and the Forward-Facing ® Tools for Hope.

Information and registration:

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Oct 01 2023


9h00 - 10h30
Combat Science - Warrior Arts of Asia


Combat Science - Warrior Arts of Asia
371 Danforth Ave Toronto, ON, Canada
Combat Science - Warrior Arts of Asia


Combat Science - Warrior Arts of Asia

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