Autumn Equinox Celebrations

Open to all/French/Fees dependent on chosen activity/ Registration required before September 20/Accessible to people with reduced mobility

To celebrate the balance between day and night, we are proposing a series of activities under the theme “Take Action for Equality and Build Peace.” The Mother Earth Walk, in which participants will learn about the uses of plants by the First Nations, will be followed by a cultural Thursday to deepen their knowledge of art, history and indigenous realities. The day will continue with the Nocturne au Musée during which the participants can enjoy a moment of storytelling and poetry around a crackling fire.

2pm, 3pm, 7pm, and 9pm


The event is finished.


Sep 21 2023


510, Montée des Trente, Mont-Saint-Hilaire
La Maison Autochtone


La Maison Autochtone

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