It’s time to register your activity for the upcoming Peace Days!

2023 Theme: Take Action for Equality, Build Peace 

Before you begin filling out the form, please review all required information and make sure you have it on hand. If you wish to register multiple activities, you will need to complete one form per activity. 

Activities will be added to the calendar as they come in.

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For internal use, will not be shared with the public.
In the case of co-organization, please indicate the name of the collaborating organization.
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If your organization does not have a website, please list your Facebook or LinkedIn page or other relevant platform.
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If the activity is online, please specify which platform will be used, etc.
Please specify if your activity is for all, adults, youth, children, etc.
Specify the cost or if the activity is free.
If it is a paid activity, please specify payment method.
Your description should include the following: How does your activity fit into the 2023 theme: Take action for Equality, Build Peace? What is the objective? Examples: awareness raising, education, outreach, etc. What theme will be addressed? Examples: violence prevention, reconciliation, conflict resolution, stress and anger management, etc.
Please provide us with a description of your activity in French as well. Your text will be revised by our team if needed.
Accessible to people with reduced mobility, interpretation in sign language, etc.
Photo, illustration, etc. If you don't have the final image yet, please attach a temporary image. Recommended format: horizontal, PNG or JPG. Ideally without text.