It is already time to register your activity for the forthcoming Peace Days 2022, featuring a schedule of events that will be varied, innovative, inspiring and fun! Become actively involved as an event organizer. The deadline for submitting your activity is Thursday, July 7, 2022. Owing to logistical needs, event registration will not be possible after this date.

Before starting to fill out this form, please take note of all the required information and make sure you have it on hand. If you have multiple activities to submit, you will need to complete one form per activity.

Registered activities will be displayed on the Calendar tab.

If your organization does not have a website, please provide your Facebook, LikedIn or any other social media page or platform
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For example: workshop, presentation, dance, exhibition, meditation, etc.
Activities must take place between September 21 and October 2. If your activity takes place over more than one day, please indicate the start date.
If the activity will take place online, please indicate the platform that will be used
Please indicate the cost, or whether the activity will be free
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JPEG or PNG - 300 kb max - It is mandatory that a visual image be included (poster, photo, etc.) If you do not yet have the final poster, please include a temporary image
JPEG or PNG - 300 kb max - If your activity has multiple co-organizers, please contact us by e-mail with respect to the additional logos