Take Action for Equality

“The Peace Days initiative was launched in 2015, and for the last several years it has taken place under a consistent and mobilizing theme that encourages people to think about peace and to participate in peace building. If we want to ‘Take Action for Equality,’ we must start by naming and recognizing the issues, problems and constraints that exacerbate inequalities, and then propose and implement concrete solutions. With respect to equality, it is achieved through society’s commitment to equity and social justice. Equity implies the fair treatment of all people regardless of their identities, beliefs, status or values. It is through equity that we can achieve equality of rights and opportunities, by taking into account the needs and lived realities of each person. We invite you to promote equity in the fight against discrimination, racism and exclusion, as we build a more just, inclusive, harmonious and egalitarian society.”

Brian Bronfman


“Montreal is an open metropolis of peace, where citizens are encouraged and willing to learn about one another. I thank and commend the organizers for their extraordinary work with the Peace Network for Social Harmony. You have successfully mobilized partners from numerous sectors, in order to provide a high quality programming. I encourage all Montrealers to take full advantage of the proposed activities.”

Valérie Plante