United and Committed to Peace!
6th Edition

September 17 to October 17, 2020


Our Ambassadors 

Kevin Raphael

Catherine D’Amours

YidLife Crisis

Kim Thúy 

Will Prosper

“This year, Peace Days are taking place in a very special context. The health crisis that we are going through has sadly exacerbated the inequalities that exist in our society. Fortunately, it has also revealed the solidarity and goodwill that unites Montrealers.

These values, along with those of tolerance and inclusion, are part of Montréal’s identity and contribute to the establishment of lasting peace in the city and in the world. Montréal is proud of its openness and respect for others, its cultural and social diversity and its humanist character. However, efforts to make the city more inclusive must continue. Peace Days are a good opportunity to highlight the progress we have made and to be aware of the road ahead of us.

Peace Days are also an opportunity to thank all the partners who, like us, recognize the importance of working together for peace. In particular, I salute the work of the Peace Network for Social Harmony, which coordinates these Days. Your work and your ongoing efforts allow Montrealers to reflect and act in order to ensure peace, here and everywhere in the world!

Once again this year, the city of Montréal is united and committed to peace! I wish the 6th edition of Peace Days a great success and I invite all Montrealers to participate in large numbers until October 17th.”

Valérie Plante

Mairesse de Montréal

“The year 2020 has seen a tremendous social awakening and movement towards a better society.  Now is the time for citizens to actively engage and build peace, within themselves, their families and their communities.  Peace Days provides the perfect opportunity to start on that path to peace, with dozens of activities offered on themes of mutual respect and understanding, equality, non-violence, mindfulness, conflict resolution, inclusion, and so much more.  Let’s make Peace Days the spark that ignites us to become agents of positive social change and let’s work together to build a stronger, more compassionate, more just, and more peaceful society.”

Brian Bronfman


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