Take action for equality

Taking action for justice and equality is everyone’s responsibility.
Participate in Peace Days and be part of the movement!

7th edition  2021

From September 21st to October 2nd

Our Ambassadors 2021

Brian Bronfman

Kim Thúy

“Take action for equality! That’s not only the theme for Peace Days 2021, but it’s also what our communities need right now. Our society won’t be able to bloom in peace until we have sown the seeds of justice. While it will be an enormous effort to dismantle the historical chains of oppression, it has to start with actions taken by ordinary citizens. Once we join together to build peace, others will follow, from the highest levels of leadership to your neighbour down the street. Let the world know that you are taking matters into your own hands by participating in one of the many activities offered as part of Peace Days 2021. This is your opportunity to involve yourself in a movement that tears down the walls of division and intolerance and replaces them with the bonds of mutual understanding and equality.”

Brian Bronfman


“Montréal is an open metropolis of peace, where citizens are encouraged and willing to learn about one another. I thank and commend the organizers for their extraordinary work with the Peace Network for Social Harmony. You have successfully mobilized partners from numerous sectors, in order to provide a high quality programming. I encourage all Montrealers to take full advantage of the proposed activities.”

Valérie Plante

Mairesse de Montréal