The 5th Edition
From September 1st to October 18th, 2019

United for peace

Difference is sometimes seen as a threat.

Fear, hatred and prejudice are often the result of misunderstanding and distancing oneself. This year, we invite you to meet the “other” to get to know them better. We may even recognize ourselves in each other and appreciate the difference. We can then recognize our common humanity and unite for peace!

“On this International Day of Peace, we Montrealers can celebrate our good fortune at living in one of the safest and most peaceful and cities in the world.”

Valérie Plante

Mairesse de Montréal

“In Montreal, we enjoy a level of social harmony that we should be proud of – and that is all the more extraordinary given the great diversity of cultures and faiths that live side by side in our city. This social harmony should not be taken for granted: we must do what we can to nurture and foster it. “

Brian Bronfman


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