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Sep 17 2020

Sowers of Smiles

Bilingual | General public | Free | Open to all | September 17 to October 17

Tool available online 

Mouvement de paix invites you to become a Sower of Smiles! Whether solo, with friends, or at work, you will have everything in hand to distribute challenge cards that invite people to make a kind gesture, creating a moment of connection and joy, both for the person who poses the act that the one who receives it. Challenge cards are free and made available to the general public, so that anyone can create an epidemic of smiles in their community (eg: school, work, neighborhood or other). Schools in the Montreal area will use this tool at the beginning of the semester to start the year by creating a harmonious climate. In particular, the young * Ambassadors of Nonviolence are committed to transmitting the concepts of non-violence to the youngest children in their schools by offering them challenges that create bridges of mutual assistance and respect and that sow smiles. * The Ambassadors of Nonviolence are students aged 11-14 who have taken part in workshops in the Chindai © Method of education for nonviolence, offered by the Academy of Nonviolence.