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Sep 30 2021


19:00 - 20:30

Documentary Presentation: “Unis dans la diversité”

French / Open to all / Free / Registration required

Description: We invite you to the presentation of our documentary “Unis dans la diversité.” In June 2018, many cultural boards of trade from Montreal had the idea to found a group to meet and learn about other cultures that are not present in the context of their usual professions. This led to the establishment of intercultural meetings for better vivre-ensemble in Montreal, an initiative that continues to grow. A celebration of living together and the result of this initiative, “Unis dans la diversité,” presents you with a mosaic of the rich cultures of Montreal through the lens of six vibrant cultural communities: the city’s African, Aisian, Haitian, Iranian, Jewish, and Latin-Americain communities. Discover the origins of these communities, their hopes, and their contribution to the economic and cultural health of Montreal, while meeting exceptional individuals who represent the diversity that makes Montreal such an open and dynamic city.

Information and registration : Cornelia Colceriu ccolceriu@cija.ca

Landing page of the event : https://www.youtube.com/c/CIJAinfo/videos