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CReACC-DiversitéS et Association québécoise pour la douance (AQD)


CReACC-DiversitéS et Association québécoise pour la douance (AQD)


Chalet du parc Maisonneuve
4601 rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal


Sep 25 2021


10:00 - 11:30

Interactive Workshop: Discover Giftedness

French / Open to all / Free

Description: In collaboration with AQD, CReACC-DiversitéS is offering an interactive experiential workshop, open to everyone, aiming to generate equal treatment for people living with giftedness. We find that there is little knowledge and a lot of prejudice towards adults living with this condition. Their realities and problems must be demystified in order for them to be recognized as part of their communities; individual and societal recognition are essential for their social inclusion. This workshop aims to answer their needs and take a first step in demystifying a reality that is both misunderstood and at times completely  unknown. The event will also include a presentation of the main characteristics and particularities of adults living with giftedness and the consequences of eventual normalization. We will also discuss the existing tools and resources available in dealing with the often harmful effects of these people’s invisibility (such as mental health problems). We invite everyone to come and learn about giftedness, by sharing the experiences of people who live with it  every day.

Information : http://www.creacc-diversites.org/fr/activites/activites-a-venir/journees-de-la-paix-edition-2021/

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