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Oct 01 2020

Cultural Diversity: Let’s Talk about It!

In French with English subtitles | General public | Free | Not available in sign language

Racism, discrimination, inclusion, cultural diversity, vivre-ensemble; these are words we hear more and more in all spheres of our public and private life. Although the global wave of solidarity with the black community, paying homage to Georges Floyd, has opened up a dialogue on the wounds experienced by racialized groups, certain concepts remain unclear and misunderstood by a large part of our society.

What does “systemic racism” mean? What is a micro aggression – it was just a joke, right? What is “white privilege”? And what is an ally?

In an attempt to answer these questions and invite people to think critically, our team of animators will launch an educational video capsule aimed at making the general public aware of the issues of cultural diversity, racism and discrimination. This video capsule will be part of Peace Days 2020, taking place from September 17 to October 17, 2020.

The video capsule will be produced by 4 animators reflecting the cultural diversity within our organization. Through short and interactive sequences aiming to define the notions of “race”, ethnicity, racism and discrimination, while playing the humor card, we especially wish to appeal to different audiences, especially youth aged 12 to 17, and to increase awareness of the deepest knowledge.