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Sep 18 2020


11:30 - 12:30



Bringing the world together with my Persian Plates : Online cooking class

English, French and Persian | Adults | Cost : Minimum donation of $15 to help the Beirut cause via this link| RSVP by email *Please send proof of donation by email 

I am a Persian cuisine private chef. I have been bringing people around my table surprising multicultural guests since I immigrated to Canada. My Persian cooking naturally has a tendency to create a community of togetherness that keeps on spreading love, kindness and peace. The same as my culture I grew up in Iran.One of my most important findings through sharing my dishes with different cultures; we are all the same in basis.We are all sharing humanity, kindness and love those are international languages. And I keep cooking to bring the world together to inpire everyone with love and kindness that grow around my Persian table. When we kindly come together to share a meal, the only thing matters is humanity and this is very peaceful!

Information : See Chef Atena’s Facebook Page / Instagram : @Chef Atena and https://slashlocal.com/chefAtena