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Oct 14 2020


08:30 - 09:30

Breakfast in Peace

French | General public | Free | Registration required by email

Online: Zoom

As part of Peace Days, we invite you to join our Méchoui Breakfast for Peace. This opportunity for exchange and discussion is open to everyone! We will explore themes such as engagement, social solidarity, social justice and equal opportunities.
At Pour 3 Points, Méchoui-type conversations represent a form of dialogue aimed at collective reflection on strategic subjects as well as themes that unite us and support our central purpose. We invite anyone interested in participating in the Méchoui to register with marie-jeanne.godbout@pour3points.ca who will provide information on how to join this Zoom event.
We believe in social equality for young people living in disadvantaged areas. We are convinced that one day all young people from disadvantaged backgrounds will have the opportunity to develop their potential to become happy, resilient, healthy and engaged adults in their community. We are investing all of our efforts in achieving this vision. That is why we are turning sports coaches into life coaches. By supporting them, life coaches help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to acquire the skills needed for success in school and in life.