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Auditorium des Dominicains de St-Albert


Sep 26 2021


14:00 - 16:00

Workshop: Blanket Exercise

French / Open to all / Free

Description: The history of Canada remains influenced by the way that indigenous people were treated since the arrival of Europeans. Deep wounds were inflicted and are still sources of difficult social and relationship issues. This tragic history has not been taught in an authentic way. Many citizens ignore the current reality for indigenous people, and some even think that they are not affected by the issue. The blanket exercise aims to make citizens aware of the historical experience of dispossession experienced by indigenous people from Canada as a result of their meeting with Europeans, as well as the consequences seen today. This experience offers to non-indigenous people an opportunity to put themselves in indegenous people’s place, in order to feel what it is to be an indigenous person nowadays. The participants are invited to play a specific role and to let themselves be inspired and influenced by this fun exercise. It should be noted that the experience of the blanket exercise is more relevant than ever in the current context to help restore confidence that is shattered following the discovery of Indigenous bodies under the ground of former boarding schools.

Information:  joseph.vumiliya@iofc.org