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Oct 01 2020


09:00 - 17:00

Aging in All Its States

Bilingual | Target audience : Interveners and professionals working with seniors and people from diverse backgrounds. General population. Elected officials and those responsible for matters relating to seniors | Free | Assistance available for people with disabilities, reduced mobility or/and visual impairment

Online: Zoom

Even in a metropolis like Montreal, aging can be difficult for many seniors from diverse communities.  Both women from the majority population and those from cultural and sexual communities are more and more subject to aging with issues related to their gender. They can be suffer through a shift from poverty to homelessness, a problem accelerated by crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. For their part, men are generally less inclined to ask for help or seek out services, which increases their isolation, their powerlessness, and their suffering. This Study Day provides an opportunity that is both focused and inclusive in assessing aging in all its states. It will generate dialogue and exchange on best practices among intervention and research professionals, bringing together experiential and theoretical knowledge. These virtual panels will also help to promote awareness and engage citizens around National Seniors Day.  Elected officials will also be invited to discuss the results and recommendations of this analysis, which will help them make decisions more closely tied the real, existing needs of seniors who have been made vulnerable by this pandemic crisis. During the noon lunch break, public figures have been invited to express their solidarity with our elders, and to discuss themes brought forward by the Manifesto of Sustainable Solidarity.

Information : CReACC-DiversitéS